Pallet Recycling

Pallet Recycling Services

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Pallet Recycling Services

Oftentimes, business owners don’t always know who to call in Atlanta
While you can find many classified ads, most won’t pan out. They usually want discarded pallets that won’t even last during transit.
A Pallet Man offers reliable recycling for any wood shipping product. We are experts and we want to solve your problem. Whenever you have too many discarded pallets lying around, contact us.
When they break down they can quickly clutter a workspace. Contact us to recycle your products to keep them eco-friendly and affordable.

Pallet Recycling Services in Atlanta

Business owners often struggle with finding a reliable local pallet recycler. Unfortunately, pallets can end up in the dump.
Others will simply leave them all in a heap behind their shop or near roads. 

Recycling them allows the good lumber parts to be repurposed by repairing other containers. That keeps them sturdy enough for shipments while preventing wasted wood.
When you need a reliable source for pallet recycling, contact us first.

Pallet Recycling

Since pallets are made from wood, many people assume pallets aren’t eco-friendly. However, they are a surprisingly green product that requires few newly felled trees.
Properly recycling these allow very little to be wasted. Even if the wood can’t offer support for a pallet, it will be repurposed into another product.
Many types of yard mulching and packing dunnage come from recycled pallets. Pet products like bedding are also known to be sourced from pallet wood.
Calling us means ensuring that your pallets avoid the landfill. Contact us today.

Recycling wood pallets is more than a chore but a dedicated process. Without it, you would see container costs to be considerably higher prices and more fresh trees needing to be felled.
Recycling them keeps more pallets in circulation through refurbishments. Many containers use the same pieces and dimensions, allowing for fast exchanges.
Pallet recycling benefits your business, ours, and many others as well. Some of the many reasons to have us repurpose your old pallets include:

  • Improved Sustainability
  • Lower Pallet Prices
  • Better Disposal Efforts
  • Custom Sizes
  • Safer Storage
  • Enhanced Durability

No matter your reason for calling, we can assist you the best. Contact us today to dispose of your wood pallets the responsible way.

We collect data on pallets all over Georgia. If you are looking for a specialist dedicated to giving you exactly what you want, then you are in the right place. A pallet man is always keeping up with the supply of pallets in Georgia and the United States. Most of the time, companies collect pallets without a plan to get rid of them, or worse they send them to the landfill.
Hiring us means breaking down and recycling your unwanted containers piece by piece. Once we finish, very little, if anything is thrown out as waste.
We have been doing this for a long time, so we know how to recycle pallets quickly. Choose the best service provider around for hassle-free disposal services.

Don’t call just anyone to recycle your wood pallets. Contact A Pallet Man today.